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It seems so simple, but whenever I try to make an account, no matter what name, it just leaves me hanging at the "create your account" screen. It doesn't even tell me what I've done wrong, at least, not all the time.
Are there really no names available?
I've even tried random button mashings for a username but it wont let me through.
What is going on?

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same happened to me

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Once you make an account on Pokemon.com, I ran into this problem too. After you make one(make sure you record the user and pass) it will send you back to the create an account screen. Make another account because that account if your parent account. You need a parent account to use your main account. Log on to your parent account and you have to confirm your child's account(your first one).

That doesn't seem to work either.
I'm still stuck at the create an account screen now with the second accounts info typed in.