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Im EV training an Archen in Attack on Route 1, and i fainted a Pokemon and leveled up twice. i was holding the Power Bracer, so would i get 10 EVs, or just the five?

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Level doesn't affect EVs at all.
All of the Power Items give x + 4 EVs, so if that Pokemon gave 1 EV and you leveled twice, it would only be 5 EVs.
You would only gain 10 EVs with the aid of Pokerus.

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Basically, EV are added to your Pokemon before EXP. So, even if you level up 5 levels after beating a Pokemon that yields 1 EV, you still gain 1 EV only. Holding the Power Bracer, you'd get 5 EV once, before the EXP are added to your Pokemon.