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So, which is better.
Catching a Pokemon straight away and then EV training it
Or Breeding and then EV training from level 1.

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It doesn't make a difference as far as gaining EVs goes. A newly-caught Pokemon or a newly-hatched Pokemon both have 0 EVs and would gain the same EVs from the same battle.

Breeding is usually only used for trying to get better IVs, or for getting specific moves through breeding.

It's also easier to train Pokemon when they are a higher level, because you can KO lower level Pokemon easily (e.g. Bidoofs for HP).

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When capturing a Pokemon straight away from the wild all depends on the level. Although wilds have no EVs so you can easily work off them. However its harder to build up EVs with higher leveled Pokemon since higher level=loser to lv 100 and that means less EV training times.

However Breeding and hatching is more recommended because a newly hatched Pokemon has no EVs in any stats therefore making it easier to EV train those Pokemon and plenty of lvl ups to train on

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