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I was playing Pokemon Legends Arceus when I wanted to get another Alolan Vulpix, but I have no idea if it is even possible to get another Alolan Vulpix. If there is a way to get more Alolan Vulpix, I'd like to know.


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Unfortunately you cannot. The only way to get Alolan Vulpix is to complete Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow.

Alolan Vulpix ... doesn't spawn in the Hisui region naturally, so you'll only be able to get one.


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I'm trying to complete a living dex, now I cant.
Try trading. If someone for some reason plays multiple saves then they'd probably have an extra. Or play as a different user then trade it to someone else who will trade it back to your main save but considering the quest is really late i dont know if you'd want to do that