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Exept he has dark in his name.

i mean he gives poeple Nightmares and FLOATES THROUGH THE GROUND!

i mean it makes no sence hes not a ghost.

Good qestion
nice question hex. look here it may help you http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Darkrai_(Pok%C3%A9mon)
well the dual type can be a relly bad idea because if dark was a dual he would take more damge like if he gets hit by a ghost or fairy type but only being a dark type he has fewer weakness and then his stat would be pretty messed up cause then he wouldnet have so much sp atk or speed well a 100 hydreigon who is good at sp can acully go toe toe with dark since they are both dark types his attcks wouldnt do much damge and since hydreigon is a dual dark and dragon he gets stab by either using dragon breath which i really rekerment you guys try to use agsint a darkrai because my sp atk hydreigon just whooped this shiney 100 darkrai but what i didnt know that this one had focus blast he hitted me 3 times luckley i had muh revives and full heal thingys but back to qustion it matters weather you got o slow him down or not dark has 306 def 306 sp def i used this site to defeat him and train my fossiles and this is just what i think is the reason why he should not be a dark and ghost

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Well, he's obviously a Dark type, as noted in the name Darkrai, we've got that, but being just a ghost type wouldn't really contribute anything new; they added in quite a few new ghosts in sinnoh, including a legendary Dragon. It wouldn't be as good to add in several of the same type, save for ones like Flying, Dragon, and psychic legendaries, which are open to more diversity.

Pure typing wouldn't really work for him, and we definitely don't want to make him a Ghost/Dark type. A legendary pokemon with no weaknesses and is capable of inducing sleep with a complimentary ability?

There are plenty of pokemon you could make a case of a different typing for. It might not make perfect sense, but not everything in pokemon does.

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