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Hey guys, first time posting on here. I've been streaming Pokémon challenges on YouTube for a while, and there's something that has always bothered me:
When you first enter Route 5 in B2W2, Bianca will teach you about Hidden Grottos. For this tutorial of sorts, the Pokémon will always be a Minccino. Now, every time I went through this sequence of events, the Minccino never once ended up being female. Bulbapedia doesn't say anything about it being a fixed gender, and I even tried soft resetting a couple of times just before entering the route to see if that changes anything. No dice.
So what gives? Is it truly always male, or have I really just got super unlucky each time? Please tell me on any findings, I desperately need closure on this...


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According to these two threads, this specific Mincinno is gender locked to always be male

Only the Minccino is set to always be male, it seems. With everything else, the gender can go either way, but is set when the contents of the Hidden Hollow are set. Meaning, if you were to save right in front of a Liepard in the Hidden Hollow, and it was male, it would be male with every single reset

Hey guys, been looking around and I understand that the introduction to grotto Minccino is always male

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Thank you so much, Master Mirror!