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Okay, so my little sister is playing her first Pokemon game in Hoenn(my favorite region, it's the best) and I wanted to catch a female ralts for her as a surprise, since she likes Gardevoir. Anyway, I go to 102 in her game and start walking around, instant soft resetting(it's an emulator), every time I hit a Ralts, and so far, out of at least 20 encounters with a Ralts, EVERY SINGLE ONE has been male. It's driving me crazy, since ralts is already super rare. What are the chances of this happenning?

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Forgive me if I'm overreacting, I'm just really frustrated.
Probably Emulator problems or insane RNG luck or unluck(is that even a word).
It's not emulator, since I run into both genders of every single other pokemon, I also have never found a Seedot so far.
Btw you don't need a female to get Gardevoir
I know, but I think male Gardevoir is wierd and always try to get a female.
Are you sure your Pokemon do not have cute charm?
Yes, none of them do.

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Wow, male dominance.

Since there is a 50% chance per ralts, and there are 20, you raise 1/2 to the power of 20. 9.5367431641×10−7 is the value. Basically, converting that, that is equal to .00000095367431641 (I think idk)

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Thanks TPB. This is crazy!
It's probably not that low as it's an emulator and the encounters are probably janked up in some way, but it is definitely extremely rare
I know it's not frozen or whatever, because I just caught male number 22 and it had a different nature than a male one I caught at the beginning in case I couldn't find a female.
YES! Ralts number 23 was female, finally!