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Okay, so what would happen if two Pokemon with Mold Breaker faced off against each other, such as two Haxorus?

Let's just make a double battle scenario:

• You send out a Haxorus with Mold Breaker, and a Gengar with Levitate.
• Your opponent sends out a Haxorus with Mold Breaker as well, and a Bronzong with Levitate.

At the start of the turn of battle, Mold Breaker's ability will activate, nullifying abilities, but will both Haxorus cancel each others Mold Breaker ability? What will happen here? Is the nullification based off of Speed, where one activates after the other?

If one of the Haxorus decide to use Earthquake, will the Gengar and Bronzong get hit by it, or will their Levitates go into affect?

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Mold breaker will not null Mold breaker. Mold breaker nullifies abilities that prevent moves from hitting a pokemon. Turboblaze & terravolt have the same effect. If haxorus uses earthquake bronzing & gengar will be hit. Sone abilities Mold breaker nullifies are abilities-

  • wonder guard
  • flash fire
  • water absorb
  • levitate
  • volt absorb
  • any ability that prevents moves from hitting.

Mold breaker wont allow moves to hit a type that is unaffected by moves of a certain type, so Mold breaker won't let ground type moves hit flying types or psychic moves hit dark types.

Hope this helps :)

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