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There's just so much wifi! you need it to get victini, zorua, zoroark, and quite a few other pokemon. and by the time you do get wifi, the event's over! and those pokemon are so rare, nobody will trade them over GTS and things like that! it just doesn't make sense to anger people like this!!


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This is done because how else would they distribute these pokemon? Some of them like celebi (I believe) are given out at places like game stop. That is done so nintendo can make more money by signing contracts saying that only game stop can give out those pokemon. That attracts more people to the store. They also do live events to reward hardcore fans who go out if their way for special pokemon. but yeah, there is no other way to distribute these things. Hope this helps!!

it does, thanks!
No problem!
basically it allows a wider customer base get some of these pokemon that they used to only distribute at events you had to physically go to.  i actually ended up getting a zorua for my zekrom(i hated it) and have been slowly breeding them trying to get a great one.