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I know that the chance is 1/7, but i just restarted my Emerald and choose the female character, i saved before choose my pokemon to look for a nature, then i got surprised by the amount of female mudkips i got. I had to reset it at least 15 times and 8 mudkips were female, indeed the one i keep is female.... lol
The only thing different i did, was to choose female character.
was just a concidence?


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No, it was just a coincidence. If you are a Female trainer, the chances of getting a Female Starter will not increase, but remain the same chances which are:



So you can say that you got Lucky. Remember, you can always breed a Male starter with a Ditto to get more Starters, which may be Female.

lol, funny coincidence, i knew about the ditto stuff, just the amount of fe-mudkips surprised me... thanks :]
No problem :)
weird. i almost always get a female starter pokemon when i choose the female character. In fact it's gotten to the point where i'm surprised if i get a male with the female character x.x