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I don't have a Snorlax so i can't breed is their any other way of getting a Munchlax in Pokemon B/W


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During the season of Summer, you can trade a Cincinno* with a person in one of the houses in Undella Bay with a Munchlax holding Leftovers.

lt is an in-game trade, and you get free Leftovers! Hooray! :D

*Thank you MeW2011!

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Ok thanks
Actually, you have to trade the evolved form of Mincinno, Cincinno.
Ah okay. l put down (l believe) because l wasn't sure. Thanks for the tip!
is it after elite 4 or b4?
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Trade Cincino and you will get a level 60 munchlax with leftovers that knows rollout yay!