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I`ve seen on the database that I can get him from the honey trees but hes limited how and/or when can I get him?I really really want a Munchlax!

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The only way to get a Munchlax is to just keep putting honey on trees, sorry to say this, but getting one is random so good luck! (Hope This Helps!) :)

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It is a 1% chance you could get it so out of 1800 pokemon you will only get 10 Muchlax's Hope this help for you :)

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shouldnt it be 18. also it doesnt depend on how many pokemon have been seen, it is just a 1% chance every time honey is put on the tree.
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Unfortunately, both of these answers leave out an important detail. Munchlax is only found on 4 random trees per game, determined by the trainer's ID. Even if Honey is slathered on the correct tree, there's still only a 1% chance of finding Munchlax.

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