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i want a tyranitar for defense and special defense
is this good for it 252 hp / 128 d / 128 s.d evs
with careful nature

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It Depends.

If your Tyranitar have the Sandstream ability, invest more EVs in Defense and HP rather than Special Defense, because sandstorm boosts the Special Defense of Rock types (Like Tyranitar) by 50%.

So, I would say that 252 HP/180 Defense/76 Special Defense and a Careful nature, or 252 HP/252 Defense/4 Special Defense and again, a Careful nature.

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I said this only on Sandstream T-Tar, because there isn't any way for getting a different Tyranitar.
Also, you are more likely to get hit by Physical moves like most Fighting moves, so you could go for 252 HP/252 Defense.
Atually Keep In Mind a Tyranitar with the listed EVs By The Asker of the Question Can survive the most common attack that hits TTar: Focus Blast without STAB