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I've been trying to bring the statue in snowpoint city alive, but it says I need the three regis. I think I know where they're supposed to be but they're just not there:(

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You havce to Capture the Regi's from Pokemon Ruby saphhite or emerald (Regirock,Regice,Registeel)
Transer it to Pokemon Platinum at PAL PARK then go to the Snowpoint temple Find Regiggigas.You must have the Regi's on your team and have a Lv5 Strong Pokemon Because Regigigas is Lv1 (sad isnt it LOL)
Bring alot of Dusk balls and Ultra Balls or Master ball if your willing to.Catch then have fun With Regigigigas :)

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Correct, you need to bring the Regis to the statue to activate it. To obtain the Regis in Pokemon Platinum, you need to migrate them over using Pal Park, or from an Event that has already passed. They cannot be found in Pokemon Platinum.

If you have a regular DS, you can use the Migrate system if you caught the Regis in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald to transfer them over. If you cant, then you can't get Regiggigas at all.

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