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I'm playing Platinum, I know slathering a bark with honey is one way to attract rare Pokemon.
Can I get tips on how to catch a Female Combee faster? I'm looking forward in getting a Vespiquen.


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It is based on luck

Female Combees are quite rare. There is a 87.5% chance for the Comber to be male and 12.5% chance for it to be female. Slather as many trees as you can in honey, then check back to all of them to see if the Comber is female. You might have to try this multiple times, as (as far as I know) you cannot determine the gender of wild Pokemon and female Combees are relatively rare.

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I know this is answered but I have more to add.
If Honey is slathered on a tree, and is also the last tree that was slathered, there's a 90% chance that it will pick a Pokémon from the same group, so if you already found a Combee on that tree, you will have a larger chance (but not guaranteed) chance of getting another one. Also, the more times a tree shakes, the higher the chance for rare Pokémon. If you have a Ditto (After you get the National Pokédex, you can catch one from the Trophy Garden as a daily Pokémon Mr Backlot talks about, but it's rare. The Ditto are levels 16-18), you can put one with a Combee and keep hatching eggs to guarantee that you get a Combee.

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