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My freind just got a USED Pokemon emerald and at the title screen it says...

strong text
The INthernal Battery Has Run Dry.
The Game can be Played
However,Clock-Based events will no longer occur

Please tell us what that means...


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  • There is a Battery in Ru/Sa/Em that runs the Internal Clock It has Died. Any in game events that are A once a Day Occurance (Lottery, Berry Freebies), Some Time Based Events (Like Berry Growth) will stop or Some will Locked into one option or the other (Tides, Eevee Happylutions)
    All Game Save Info will be safe as it is a Flash Type Memory
    Those that are telling you to Link with other games are confusing this with the Ru/Sa Berry Glitch which has a similar symptom of the Berries stop Growing but is a totally unrelated problem

­ Quote - RaikouTGC ( Gamefaqs )

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Some of your info is incorrect about the Internal Battery, plus you basically said what Red said, so I have to vote this down.

Sorry bud When I looked around I heard several different tales, and turns out this was the only legit info.