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I am completely lost in Emerald. I have no idea what to do or where to go. I just defeated the Mauville City Gym Leader. Please don't just include a link. Plkease help me to find my way!

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Well what route/city are you at?
Mauville City, like it says in the question...!

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Ok so you need to go to the house all the way to the southeast of mauville city. In there will be a guy who gives you rock smash. After you get rock smash go north of mauville city and you will go to the next route. I beleive thats what youre having trouble with. If not, comment and ill hide my answer.

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What do I do once I beat the fourth Gym Leader?
you go to petalburg city and defeat the gym there.
I won't fight my Daddy... (*_*)
You have to if you want to beat the game