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So I recently bought Gold over Ebay, and it came with a dead battery...I replaced but I think it keeps coming loose and losing my save file, I've tried cover the whole top of the circuit board at the top with duct tape and I thought it worked really well, but whenever I take the cartridge out or shake it around the save file gets lost. So how can I securely place the battery? (P.S I can't solder)

Have you tried placing a folded piece of paper in between the circuit board and the cartridge case?
yeah, I tried folded tape :/

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If you can't solder and can't help but shake it around, then I'm afraid you're out of options.

Seriously though, I think transferring the circuit board to a new blank cartridge might be best for you, granted if you can remove the circuit board fairly securely. The cheapest way would be to buy a used, crappy Gameboy game for really cheap, remove its circuit board, then put the Gold's circuit board and battery in the new casing.

Replacing the battery is a great way to preserve old Pokémon games, but it's very easy to crack or bend the "teeth" of the cartridge itself when removing it, and yeah, the shaking of the battery sounds like it's loose and not connecting right as a result.

That's all the advice we can give - we're a database, not a customer support forum. Try that out though, and I wish ya luck!

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you could try to carefully apply super glue. just make sure you don't end up insulating anything with it.

do I apply it on the connector things?
unlike solder, super glue won't conduct electricity, so you'll want to put it where it won't end up between any metal that is supposed to make direct contact with each other.  and you shouldn't need too much of it, just a little drop somewhere that it'll hold it in place but not get between anything important.
ok, so like the underside of the battery to connect with the circuit board but not on where the connector will be
FINALLY, I fixed it, I was so mad I was ready to eat the damn thing, I got some duct tape, and I luckily I had another spare battery, I taped it again but this time REALLY tight and I had a new battery to maximize the chances and it worked! Don't know why the first one didn't work though, it was a new battery right out of the packet >.>