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With my HG game it stays on for like two mins and then it like turns off
ps I need that it has my team of jirachis

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Now, did you drop the ds or something that might damage it? If You Got The Game new from a store, its not the game, they are hard to break. If you got the game off Ebay(2 of my games are new from ebay and they freeze up often so I have to save alot so I don't lose my data), it might have been already damaged or might just be a hacked game. Ebay is bad(From My Experience), even though its cheaper. Anyway, I doubt its the game. As Kingdra was saying, each time you charge the ds down and back up, it loses a little power. So If you charged it 1000's of times, then you know why its broken, the battery cant be charged anymore. So Try Getting a New Battery for your ds(I think Gamestop and EB Games sell them), and that might fix it. If you dropped HG alot or did anything to damage it, it, that might be the problem too. If your other games don't work, either, then somethings wrong with your ds!:( Sorry and Hope This Helps!:)

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Try putting in another game and see if tit still shuts off. It sounds like the problem might be in the DS itself rather than the game.

It doesnt I tryed it but it still works
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I had somekind of the same problem ,my DS was turning off every time I press a button but I got through it by pressing the button gently ,but things got worst ,one day I was playing with my DS when suddenly the screen vibrates and the DS turned off.it turned off forever!!

now I don't have a DS but ill buy a 3DS as soon as it comes out :)

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Ok. Here's what you do.
1. Just in case, trade all your Jirachis to a D/P/Pt/SS/other HG Version for safekeeping.
2. Go to a videogame store, some can fix games.
3. If they can't do anything, send it in to Nintendo. They might be able to do something. I mean, if they can fix the 'stuck in the wall' glitch on D/P, they can surely try to do something about a freeze-happy Heartgold.

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The power might be completely out because after every charge it loses power. So you might have used your last charge and can't play it anymore.