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I defeated Red and went to Silgh.Co or whatever it is Steven wasn't there
(also this for those starters, sorry if this is a spoil alert)

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Do you mean that You couldnt get the starter?
To get the starter you go to Professor Oak in Pallet Town.
They mean the hoenn starters.
OOOOk I get it. Lol didnt know I could get a Hoenn starter :P

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>The player will first meet him (Steven) after they have left the Pokémon Fan Club in Vermilion City after collecting the Copycat's Clefairy Doll, in which he will appear and inform the player that there's reports of either a LatiosSS or LatiasHG roaming Kanto.

Did you see him the first time? If you didn't, he won't appear at Silph.Co. You need to get Copycat's Doll back first, then he will appear to give you one of the three Hoenn starters.

Steven Stone

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You have to go to Saffron and find the Small Pink building around there, and go up the stairs, talk to the girl. she is a sad person and she dresses like you. then go to Vermilion go to the Pokemon fan club, left of the Pokemon center, next to the ocean. Talk to the man next to the doll, get it and walk outside. Steven will mention Latias. Then fly to Saffron again and return the doll. Get the pass and go to Silph Co. and if you beat Red, you can get Mudkip (water stone) Treecko (green stone) or Torchic (red stone).

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