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i got a female lv. 35 combee on route 12, as usual
i went to get a rare candy, to evolve combee into vespiquen, as usual.
i used the rare candy, but it didnt evolve! (and it should've, cause female combee evolve at lv. 29, right?)
are you supposed to level it up by battling? what did I do wrong?

It evolves at 21
but still!

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Well it evolves at lv 21 considering its a female ♀. So make sure it is a female rather than a male. If so just level it up again as there is honestly no other answer (because it will not be a glitch). It may be a problem caused by cheats or an Everstone. Not that it matters to level it up by battling I would still do that anyway just in case. I think your problem is that its just a male Combee :)

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Problems like this can be considered glitches. But this will not be a glitch as its a pretty major part in the game. Somewhere you likely will have gone wrong.