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In Platinum,when I level up my own Infernape,it sais : Gained a boosted (number) Exp.Points.Why does it say Boosted since it is my own Pokemon ? And he is not holding a Lucky Egg.

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Is your Infernape holding a Lucky Egg? If so, that is why.
does lucky egg exist in Gen 4 ?
Yes. It first appeared in Gen II, and has been in every game since.
hm..I can't find much in Bulbapedia. Can someone help?

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You gain a boosted number of points when you have either a traded Pokemon, or a Pokemon holding the Lucky Egg item. If neither of these was what's happened, it could be glitched. But at least it's not a bad glitch xD

In short, it was either traded or holding the lucky egg.

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Since it is MINE I'm its OT and its not holding Lucky egg.Its a glitch
hm...I'll look into it then if it's neither.