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I'm playing SoulSilver and I want to catch a Heracross.I'm using headbutt at the trees in route 42, but no Pokemon appears.Why ?

try headbutting in the trees next to Kurt's House. Hes the pokeball creator. Trees in that city seem to make heracross appear more often
Heracross is Azalea Town not Route 42 ._.

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You might be using Headbutt on the wrong tree. But, if you're damn sure, you're doing on the right tree, I'll tell you what, if you headbutt a tree and it does not cause a wild Pokémon to attack, then this tree will never have any Pokémon on it. If the tree does have a Pokémon come out, this tree will always have a wild Pokémon encounter when you headbutt it
Linked to Serebii's guide to headbutt

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thank you very much ! I thought it was a glitch.Thanks !
Sure, no problem! :)