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What are all the items you can unlock in your room in platinum?


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You can find a total of 20 items.
Table-For free
Big Sofa-120,000 poke-From Beginning
Small Sofa-90,000 poke-From Beginning
Bed 187,000-poke-From Beginning
Night Table-140,000 poke-From Beginning
TV 220,000-Poké -From Beginning
AudioSet-160,000 Poké-From Beginning
Shelves-150,000 poke-From Beginning
Racks 127,000 poke-From Beginning
House Plant-120,000 poke-From Beginning
PC Desk-168,000 poke-From Beginning
Music Box-25,300 poke-Purchase Racks
Pokémon Statue-150,000 poke-Obtain a Silver Print in the Battle Frontier
Pokémon Statue-150,000 poke-Partake in all 5 facilities of the Battle Frontier
Piano-146,700 poke-Defeat the Elite Four 10 times
Reception Set-208,000 poke-Defeat a total of 50 trainers in the Trainer Café
Wall Clock-52,000 poke-Plant 50 Berries
Great Painting-140,000 poke-Hatch 30 Eggs
Tea Set-108,000 poke-Purchase Reception Set
Chandelier-108,000 poke-Walk a total of 300,000 steps