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I have seen episodes showing them eating hamburgers, But you never see any cows. Are they eating Miltank meat? Are all the real world animals hidden?

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There have been several accounts in the anime where actual animals did Appear, Such as Squirrels.

So they could easily be eating Cow meat with there Burgers, Or Heck. They could be eating Vedgie Burgers.
But No, Several people in the Pokemon World would be mad at trainers, for EATING pokemon.

So they do Eat actual animals and Vegetables.

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But I love Miltank burgers and Oddish fries :(
do you have anti-toxin pills to go with those oddish fries?
I have Immunity ;)
I saw them eating octillerys once
as u know Farfetch'd is many peoples favorite dish in kanto :D
i think im vomiting up my tanngela spagetie
Omigod, if only N found out that people eat Pokemon! That would be HILARIOUS!