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For the most part it's been relitivally clean although there was one episode where

James had "Cleavage" while entering a Bikini Model Contest, so it got cut for innapropiate suggestion.

The episode introducing Jynx, and her relationship with Brock ( Wow... ) Got cut due to Jynx seeming to be black, because she had Black skin and Large lips, which seemed racially descrimitive. and other things in the episode.

And the fact that the first actual African American character in the series of games,

Was Lenora, Who basically looks like, ( Dt's description ) Aunt Jemina.

But besides that, and possibly the fact that Brock's eyes never open...

Its been fairly good.

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There's also a lesser known racial one with lombre. Many saw him as a Mexican stereotype complete with a mustache and sombrero. Even his name sounds  like hombre.

There was also the controversy of team rocket members doing the Nazi salute, as well as kadabra  having a swastika on his head instead of the star.

There's a ton of other stuff. Try searching "pokemon controversy" on Bulbapedia.
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In the first season of Pokemon, there were several episodes that were banned. Since you're asking for inappropriate and Racial, I'll give the two I know.

The inappropriate episodes had to do with James competing in a Bikini contest. James was in a two part bikini, and the makes of the show had given him a cleavage to go with his bikini. It was banned shortly after release, I believe.

The racial one was the episode with Jynx; people complained that it stereotyped against African Americans, as Jynx had black skin and large lips. This is probably why Jynx is now purple.

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those were both cut the bikini episode was edited