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I keep using Oran Berries and my Ice cream isn't sticky at all...

actually, i pretty much did answer your question, seeing as oran seems to be the most common and since berry stats don't matter i would say most common = most effective berry use.  if you really feel the need to bite the head off of someone giving you help maybe you should go back to bed.
I'm fully rested straight out of the pokemon center :]

And the oran berry is actually one of the worste berries to use for the Ice Cream scoop game.
Not trying to " Bite your head off "

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Generally you want the best stickiness. Bulbapedia has a list of the berries and scoop/stickiness. None of them create great stickiness all round but these berries get you 3, 4 and 5: Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, and some of the 'legendary berries' which I don't think are available in B/W.

So any of those 4 I would say are the best.

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I use persim berries and my scores are mostly in the 20,000's so for me I think the persim berries are the most effective

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If you find Lum Berries in the Spooky Manor, they are also very effective for stickiness.
hope I helped! :)