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Raising Def or SpDef moves

Need it for baton passing...

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Mawile can have Iron Defense, Stockpile, and Curse with Baton Pass. Mr. Mime has Barrier and Baton Pass. Furret has Defense Curl, Amnesia and Baton Pass. Drifblim has Stockpile and Baton Pass. Scolipede has Iron Defense (if evolved) and Baton Pass. Lopunny has Defense Curl and Baton Pass. Girafarig has Amnesia (through breeding) and Baton Pass. Huntail has Iron Defense (if evolved) and Baton Pass. Gorebyss is the same as Huntail along with Amnesia. This is a large percentage of them. (all the ones who learn Baton Pass through level up.)

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well, eevee can get curse and wish as egg moves and learn baton pass as a level up move, plus if you turn it into an umbreon he makes a pretty nice defensive pokemon all by himself.

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