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Other than Reshiram and Zekrom at N's Castle.

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Other than those, i believe Celebi in any game but the japanese generation 3 games, arceus, and spiky eared pichu.

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You forgot Victini
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Theres thoes two,and then theres:

Gen 5 (Black,White):

Virizion (lol,they named a Pokemon after a phone company)
Zourark(Zourua and Zourark are programed not to be shiny when Ineracted with)
Celebi (event)

Gen 4 (HeartGold,SoulSilver):
Celebi (Event)

These are the ones I know of...other than those two Versions I have no idea.

Those are the ones you can CATCH non-shiny.

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actually,the musketeer trio at the moment can be caught legitimately shiny, entei raikou and suicune can be shiny through events.
And I'm pretty sure you can encounter all the legendary beasts Shiny legitimately.
oh yeah but in HG and im pretty sure that in G/S/C the game is programed for u to go to the burnt tower and see them and when u do they run away,and there not shiny when u see dem...SO HAH!!! (My dad thinks I`ll be a good lawyer some day)
Nope, thats wrong.

In that game you don't see them in battle, you see them like they would appear in your party page,

(Where it shows all six, of those little guys ) And the sprites like that, look the same shiny or non shiny, and that doesn't count as the shiny encounter rate.

I know this, because I have legitamently caught a Shiny Entei in Silver Version.

And I've legit ( No event ) gotten a shiny Suicune in HG ( Through lots of resets ).
Can we not fight over this? this is already the best answer
If it's not correct, then it shouldn't be best answer though.
And it is, indeed. Very incorrect.