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Which glitch specifically?
Void goitch

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Turns out you can't glitch get Arceus in Platinum

Source: KRWL890s source

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Found this video explaining the void glitch with a FAQ at the bottom of the description, specifically saying that yes, this Arceus can be shiny. However, it also says that in order to soft reset for a shiny Arceus, you have to save at a specific point halfway through the glitch ("it must be during the 1792 S step in a Jubilife City area with outdoor Jubilife City music.") or else it can cause unpredictable results.

Wait a minute, I was pretty sure this glitch didn't even work in Platinum.
In the FAQ it also says Arceus is unobtainable in Platinum
That’s a lie because it’s part of one of the special events that was originally held with the azure flute
@Fantom1037, You can't do the glitch in Platinum
i have 3 DS lites and a 2 Platinum, 1 Pearl and 1 Diamond.
The video linked in the answer guides you through the process, although it apparently only works in DP, not Pt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrhHXG3cuAw
cheers. ;)
i just watched the video but i dont know how to "tweak" the poketech counter app. if you could help with that to it would help as well.