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I heard of arceus's new form in the new hoopa movie. Then I saw this http://www.pokedit.com/qr/qr-event.php
Is this legit? Can I use this QR legally?
If the link brings you too a page with no QR look at event QR then Japanese then arceus


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The shiny arceus event IS legitimate. It is actually one of 19 different arceus when you do the event. What?! Yes. The first 17 are holding a type plate with judgement, earth power, blast burn, hydro cannon. The bolded moves are event exclusive. The 18th is a normal type arceus with silk scarf and the same four moves. The last one is, as you saw, a shiny arceus. It is exactly the same as the normal typed arceus, just shiny. However, getting one of the 19 arceus is RANDOM, so good luck getting a shiny!

In conclusion, this arceus QR code is legitimate.


Source: serebii.net (scroll down some to find the info)

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Sorry for the non shiny arceus.
In my answer.
I have one, but I just used powersave xD
Lol me 2.
I have one in OR omg i am so lucky :D