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I went through about 70 Zoruas in a row just to get a shiny but didn't get one so I just wasted an hour and i'm wondering does chaining dexnav encounters even increase the chances at all and if so, by how much? Also, does it have to be "in a row" or can it just be if you have a high search level?


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>Does chaining increase the shiny chance?
Yes. We have caught a total of 23 shinies between us all doing this method. I don't have an specific odds, but It definitely increases the odds.

Reddit (source below)

But it's like chain fishing in the sense that you're never 100% guaranteed a shiny. You just increase your chances of finding one.

Pokeradar is more reliable, because we know that at chain 40 your chance of a shiny is at the highest point it can be, so you can just keep re-using the radar without entering grass to get a shiny patch. You're still not 100% guaranteed one at chain 40, but you just don't need to keep smashing through grass.

Reddit thread on dexnav chaining

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Yea it is youtubers and streamers use it in oras to catch shinys it just takes alot of time.

Is there any source from Serebii or something?