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If I breed to get an egg move, and then I breed the pokemon who has the egg move with a Ditto, Will the baby still have the Egg Move?


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Egg moves are inherited through the male line. If your pokemon with the egg move is male, it will pass the egg move down to the baby when it breeds with ditto. If it's female, it won't.

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okay it says

The main purpose of breeding is usually to obtain a pokemon that knows certain moves. If the male pokemon knows moves that the baby pokemon is capable of learning, it will know them when it hatches from the egg. This is a good way to reuse TMs that you taught a pokemon and cannot re-obtain in another way like buying.The baby will know any move that it learns at level 1. If both parents know a move that the child would learn by level up, the child will also know it upon hatching.

http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/breeding here you go

so ive done this before with a feraligatr yep totally works 100%

your welcome ':)