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What happens, I heard that you get some thing special and the man in the cave that races you to get the Unown?

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In Sinnoh if you get all the letter Unknown(you can't get the last 2 yet) you go back to the guy in the mountain and you find he has built a large tunnel filled with Geodude and Hippopatos. At the end of the tunnel you enter a cave that has the last 2 Unkown and an inscripion on the wall that says something about Friendship or something. There is an exit to the cave that leads to a ledge with a rare candy.

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you find the man at route 214 in a cave at the end is an entrance to a cave but you have to use dig to beat him in the cave is the last unowns ? and ! and there is an entrance outside there is an item there!

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you can desipher the codes with the 28 with a little boy in solacoon town. show the unowns to him and shall tell you what each unown smibols. use the pokedex on this site to work it out as a cheat!

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