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Okay,for example, if you're playing an American game, and you breed a French male and a Japanese female, what would the baby's gender be?

EDIT: Whose nationality would the baby be based off of? the game, the mom, or the dad?
(this is two same pokemon breeding)

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It will be American without a doubt, considering that the Egg was obtained and Hatched in an American Game Cartridge. If you were to obtain an Egg that is foreign to your Game Cartridge, it will still hatch as a "Foreign" Pokemon even though you hatched it in an American Game Cartridge. Nationally will not matter in Breeding unless if used in Masuda Method to obtain Shinies.

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Itll all randomized (remember baby gender is always random unless you breed single gender+ditto). However your chances of a shiny will be larger

Oops, I meant would it be American, French, Japanese, etc.