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ok does the medusa method work if a us game is registered as a different country on that globe thingy


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No, it doesn't. The Masuda method is when you have a Foreign pokemon and breed it with a pokemon from your game. For example, a Japanese Ditto with an American Zorua, or a French Magikarp with a German Magikarp. The Pokemon itself has to be from a different country, so registering as a different country than the game itself on the Globe would not work.

whats the difference of breeding with the masuda method? just different countries?
Increased chance of getting a shiny. Regularly, it's 1/8912. In Gen IV, it was 1/~2000. Now, in Gen V, if you breed with the Masuda method, the chance of getting a shiny is 1/~1,500.
it's 1/2048 with masuda method in Gen 4 and 1/1365.3 with masuda method in Gen 5.