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How many because I'm wondering if it's worth the hastle of finding the razor claw and making Sneasel evolve into Weavile at night.

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Any Pokemon properly trained can defeat Red. Try this Weavile moveset.

Ice Punch: Deal with Venusaur. STAB. Weavile has a good attack stat. High accuracy, decent power.

Brick Break: Used for Lapras and Snorlax. Breaks through light screan and reflect. High accuracy, decent power. Attack stat.

Dig: Deal with Pikachu. Good damage, high accuracy, used to dodge attacks. Attack Stat.

Surf or Night Slash: Surf can be used to take on Charizard. However, since Weavile's Sp. Attack is not that great, you might want a move that gets STAB, so Night Slash.

so weavile is good?