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I want a pokerader and right now I'm in canalave city and I need to defeat the gym leader. But I need better team members so I need to find some pokemon, but in order to find the ones that I want I need a poke radar.

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You get the PokeRadar from Professor Oak after defeating the Elite Four and getting the national pokedex. So it looks like you won't be able to get it yet, sorry.

Canalave is a Steel-type gym, so try and get some fire pokemon (I think Ponyta is one of the only ones you can get before national dex) or ground pokemon (there are loads around).

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you dont need to win the elite for you need to see cynthia's pokemon and go to the top biulding and you will get thare dialga/palkia information then go to lake verity,valor,and acuity to try to get the marige pokemon then go to profrssor rowen to show your finished pokedex so you will talk and talk then professor oak then you will talk and talk more then he will give you your pokerader