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Pomeg, Grepa, etc.
How to get them?

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To get the EV Reducing Berries, you need to go the Dream World and grow them in your Garden. Before you can obtain the Dream World, you have to make a Pokemon Trainer Club account, which also needs the consent of your "Parents". Here is the Link:


After you and your "Parent/Guardian" sign up there, you have to make a Pokemon GL Account, which will show up when you sign in. It will ask for your Game ID or what Game Card you are using. You do need WiFi to complete the process which is to put a Pokemon to sleep and sending them to the Dream World via Game Sync. I will let another user explain that since I have no DW yet, so i dont know the complete process.


That is the Global Link Website.

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Yeah, but can you get ALL of them there? BTW, I was using GL since we could :D :D :D
Yes, all of them can be obtained there, and Lol :)
i think i have all of them, but it takes forever to grow them.
Months ago, I got Timid Reshiram, but it´s lv.54, so I want be sure it´s EV-less before training it...
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keep going to dream world until you get to windswept sky. As long as Pokemon and items are still appearing, you my find one there.
note1: If no Pokemon/items are appearing, they've become scared, so you'll have to wake your Pokemon up and put it back to sleep to reset the dream world
note2: windswept sky isn't available until you have 5000 dream points, which will take a while. There are a few ways to earn them (scroll down on this page):