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Okay so we all know that there is no reliable spot for EV training for Defense, right?
(Without the 50% or less chances to meet the Pokemon)

But what if I had an idea that could give you 4 EVs (x2 with Pokerus) for Defense or any other stat each kill?!

So, my idea/question is, would the following conditions work accordingly to help EV train conveniently:

• So first, let's say you are EV training a Pikachu for 252 Sp Atk / 252 Defense / 6 HP EVs.
After a while, you are done with Sp Attack. Now it is on to Defense.
Give the Pikachu Power Belt (Defense power item) and KO more Litwicks (1 Sp Atk)

Now here is my question, since Litwicks gives you 1 Sp Atk each KO, and Power Belt gives you 4 Def EVs, will the Pikachu be getting 4 EVs since the Sp Atk stat is at it's max?
The Sp Atk EV count will not go up, but theoretically, the Def EV count should go up by 4 EVs from Power Belt right?

I need someone to confirm that this works or not!
If so, this would be a way more convenient way to EV train for Defense!
Thanks in advance! ~

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This works perfectly and is a way many people EV train.