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What is that huge Munchlax-like rock in platinum?

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There is a huge munchlax-like rock in sunyshore city and I want to know what it is.
Can somebody help me pls?

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Pokémon Rock is a giant rock formation found on the east side of the city. Pokémon Rock is one of the city's famous landmarks, famous for its strange shape that resembles a Munchlax standing in the bay, with the water covering its feet. There is another rock by the Vista Lighthouse. This is from Bulbapedia. Pokemon Rock

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Nothing special happens but it is a pretty and also weird site! As you said, it is a
Munchlax-shaped Rock (Pokemon Rock). If you go south and down the stairs then head west, let a Pokemon use Rock Climb and then enter the house in front of you. Talk to the scientist
in there and he will ask you for a Pokemon with a certain nature... Bring a Pokemon with the nature he asked for and in return, he gives you a Poketch App for the Poketch (Pokemon Watch)!

Hope this helps...

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