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If I have two pokemon and one has pressure and I am in a double battle does his partner suffer from pressure and do both opponents.

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I tested this with NeoKnight on a Black/White wifi double battle, and did some testing myself on Platinum/HeartGold double battle.

  • First, the basic way Pressure works is that any move targeted at the Pokemon with Pressure uses an extra PP - i.e. 2 PP instead of 1 PP. So using Tackle against Weavile would use 2 PP, but using Tackle against Weavile's teammate (without Pressure) would only use 1 PP.

  • In a double battle, moves targeted at the Pressure Pokemon use 2 PP and moves targeted at the other Pokemon use 1 PP as normal.

  • If both opposing Pokemon have Pressure, multi-target moves lose an extra PP for every one they hit. So Neo's Archeops used Rock Slide against my Weavile and Dusknoir and it lost 3 PP!

  • Attacking an ally with Pressure only uses 1 PP in Generation 5, but 2 PP in Generation 4. In B/W, my Mamoswine using Earthquake against the opponents and hitting my teammate Weavile used 1 PP each time. In Pt/HG attacking an ally and both opposing pokemon with Pressure loses 4 PP (1 PP for the move plus 1 for each Pressure Pokemon, including the ally).

  • Status moves are also affected if they target a Pressure Pokemon, e.g. Hypnosis on Giratina. Using something on yourself (e.g. Agility) is not affected.

  • Interestingly, it doesn't affect moves like Reflect even though it supposedly targets the user and its ally (who had Pressure).

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I would think that it affects anyone who attacks the pressure user.

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