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I've been playing some showdown so I don't know if it's with that or not but does pressure affect opponent moves like light screen, roost, or the such?

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I thought it was all that effect the pokemon with that ability
Even like status moves against it, but only if it's against it not if it's just a move like light screen
Can't you just find by looking up pressure on the search bar right next to "community/other" though?
PokemonDB doesn't say much that would help you distinct which moves are affected, so this is fine.

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When another Pokémon uses a move targeting a Pokémon that has Pressure, when PP is deducted from that move, one more PP than usual is deducted.

So only moves that affect the Pokemon with Pressure.


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Pressure applies to all moves targeted at the ability bearer or that target the whole battle field, though it doesn't work if an ally is directly targeting the ability bearer.

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Yes, it is only moves used against the ability bearer, even if it misses.