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just wondering.


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Nope sheer force removes added effects not recoil stat loss/damage

Sheer force removes move/item added effects, like poisoning burning, stat losses from moves on the foe, etc.

I had personal experience with this since i have bravairy in black

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What Tysonyoshi said, here's a list of what Sheer Force affects: http://www.serebii.net/abilitydex/sheerforce.shtml
Actually, doesn't Sheer Force remove recoil damage from Life Orb?
Or am I thinking about a different ability?
It does, but only if the Move uses Sheer Force, Example: Rock Slide wouldn't get the Life orb recoil due to it having a Flinch rate, and getting the Sheer Force boost, but using Earthquake would cause you to take Life orb Damage.