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ok so if il be in a double battle and one of my pokemon will use protect and the other one will use perish song will they be protected from the perish song or will they go down after 3 turns too ?

thanks to everyone who answers :)


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Perish Song

After 3 turns, all Pokémon that were on the field when Perish Song was used will faint unless they switch out. Perish Song does not affect Pokémon with the ability Soundproof. If a Pokémon switches out with Baton Pass, Perish Song will still be in effect on the Pokémon switched in, even if it has the ability Soundproof.

Does not make contact
Not affected by Protect
Not affected by Magic Coat
Not affected by Snatch
Not affected by King's Rock
Is a sound-based move 

So, No protect/detect will not prevent Perish song the only way to get it off is to switch and the only way to prevent it is the ability Sound proof.

Source Bulbapedia

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perish song can not be prevented from affecting you, by using detect/protect. Even if you swich out your pokemon, perish song doesn't go away. hope this helped :)