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Gengar @ black sludge
Ability : Levitate
Nature : timid
Evs: 252 speed / 126 def / 122sp.def / 8 hp

  • Perish song
  • Mean look
  • Hypnosis
  • Protect

Mr.mime @ leftovers
Ability: Soundproof
Nature : timid or bold
Evs: 252 speed / 252 def / 4 hp or sp.atk

  • Hypnosis/taunt
  • Skill swap
  • Role play
  • Dream eater/ protect/ encore

First turn- Gengar uses mean look and Mr.mime uses hypnosis.
Second turn- Gengar uses mean look on the other and Mr.mime uses skill swap on Gengar.
third turn- Gengar uses hypnosis on the other one and Mr.mime uses role play on Gengar.
Fourth turn- Now both Pokemon have sound proof, Gengar uses perish song and Mr.mime uses hypnosis on the awake Pokemon because of the 3 turns of sleep.
Now continue to use perish song and hypnosis to stay alive with assistance of leftovers and black sludge. Also with protect/ encore.
The main concept is to get both Gengar and Mr.mime with sound proof so they can just use perish song to KILL ALL IN THEIR PATH!!!

So what do you think? please make any changes to improve the strategy.

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You'll be doomed if you get hit by Taunt...
that's why I use hypnosis
What if theyre faster?
that's why I have timid. But may not be the case all the time I suppose :(
what happens when you use perish song keep them there with a blocking move/ability and then at the right time switch, will they be able to switch out or not?

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Very gimmicky. Would only work on an inexperienced player, and won't work if they have certain moves, abilities, etc. Also luck based due to Hypnosis.

  • Fast Pokemon that can OHKO either one one your Pokemon will stop this strategy. Anything above base 110 with a boosting nature can potentially do this, and since it's doubles and the opponent has two Pokemon, there's a good chance of this happening.
  • Any Pokemon with Sweet Veil, Vital Spirit or Insomnia will stop this from working.
  • Encore, Roar/ Whirlwind and Taunt all stop this strategy from working, all fairly common moves (especially the latter).
  • U-Turn and Volt Switch let the opponent switch out their Pokemon.
  • Players who see what you did to their first Pokemon may switch their second one out to a Pokemon that can counter this strategy. As shown above, there are a lot of Pokemon that can do this.
  • Protect is a particularly common move in doubles, and if they lead with it, they'll see your first moves and will act accordingly.
  • Strategy most likely won't work more than once since the opponent will know exactly what you're doing.
  • If the first Pokemon you put to sleep gets a second or third-turn wake, they'll be able to hit one of your Pokemon. They're both very frail Pokemon besides Mr Mime of the special side.
  • Hypnosis is inaccurate. Every time you miss, your Pokemon gets hit or becomes setup fodder.