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I'm looking for a strategy thats works over 90% of the time that guarantees a K.O. with perish song. I've tried making a strategy myself but i've only gotten so far. Help?


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True, the question's old, but it might help. It's like answering a moveset question.

I once saw this strategy used in NU. It only worked for like one Pokemon, but it was effective for the one Pokemon.

Dewgong and Lapras can both learn Whirlpool and Perish Song. Add Protect and a filler and you've got a dead opponent.

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get a gengar or mismagius or any other Pokemon that can learn a trapping move and perish song.
-first turn use that trapping move.
-second- perish song
-third- protect
-fourth- switch

get a Pokemon with perish song and protect and get a Pokemon with trapping ability and protect and substitute
-First turn trapper uses protect and perisher uses perish song
-second- trapper uses substitute and perisher uses protect
-third- both switch

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for doubles use wobbuffet and any Pokemon that can learn perish song.
use perish song first turn then use protect then switch. on the last turn make wobuffet switch.
wobbuffet's ability doesn't allow Pokemon to flee.