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i want to train an altaria with max evs in both defenses and the remaining in hp or special attack. it will know moon blast, dragon pulse and perish song. for the final move space I want an attack that either prevents perish song from affecting altaria itself, or a move that heals it. what moves that altaria can learn can do this?


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There aren't really any moves that prevent Perish Song but you can use:

  • Taunt
  • Switch Out
  • Instant KO (Which might need a set-up and Dragon Dance is physical so it's not the best option)

Thats about it.
Hope I helped >:D

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so does this mean that moves like refresh and safeguard dont remove or protect from perish song?
No; Refresh and Safeguard won't prevent Perish Song, because it's not a status condition. You have to switch out in order to prevent it from activating.
There's the ability Soundproof which will prevent Perish Song, but Altaria doesn't have it.
i'd just like to say that you said there were no moves to prevent perish song but then proceeded to list 1...1 is any so taunt prevents perish song and also there is throat chop now