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Came across an Azumarill with whirlpool, perish song, rest and protect.
Switches into something like a heatran, uses whirlpool to trap, then perish song, n stall with rest to restore HP n then switch out last turn.
(Not that a heatran should stay in to an azumarill, but for example)
How viable is this?
I sure was caught off guard!


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That strategy has some flaws to it. Taunt destroys that set, and taunt is everywhere. Also, whirlpool does not have perfect accuracy, so you shouldn't rely on that. If the opponent has U-Turn/Volt Switch, it can stop you easily(Volt Switch is super effective too). This is also countered by other whirlpool/infestation/block/whatever users.

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But it's rarely that u see it coming, azumarill standard sets usually employ huge power. And by the time u realise it you've already lost a Pokémon.
And you'll be an idiot if u try to perish trap an electric type as it'd just KO u. So this can be implemented well.
And 85 accuracy is good enough, it's the same as fire blast hydro pump etc
m9 pokemon doesnt work like "I see a mothaf****n move I dont dodge it"
notice how you said 85% accuracy like HYDRO PUMP.
One of the most unreliable moves in the game.
Hydro Pump is 80% accuracy :|
Scald ftw
Azumarill is useless without Huge Power. it has no bulk and easily KO'd. It's called a gimmick, and not a good one, since it has so many counters and play around the best you can hope for is a 1 for 1, which in itself is kinda uncompetitive.

Just run normal Azumarill with Huge Power and Choice Band. It is far more reliable and tbh will KO more.
Yh, my bad, 80%.
Ik CB azu is more reliable, but came across this while laddering at around 1400, i just wanted to know whether this strategy could go far
Well we answered: no it can't. Just a gimmick I'm afraid,