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So I was thinking about the move Perish Song and I wanted to kknow if I could use a Mean Look Crobat to keep the opponent from escaping and use Perish Move. Also I would switch out the Absol to prevent it from getting hurt and also (if in double battle) I would switch the other Pokemon on my team. Would this work??

sounds good to me, but what about  teaching Absol Mean Look instead?

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No, this strategy will not work, for the effect of Mean Look disappears once the user switch out. This mean that in a single battle a Pokemon needs both Perish Song and a trapping move/Ability to utilize it fully, and whilst one Pokemon can trap and the other use Perish song in a double battle, it is a cumbersome process at best. Furthermore, as you need to use two moves, and the relatively long delay on Perish Song actually taking your opponent out you are bond to get hit.
There are some Pokemon that can use this strategy though, but it uses the Ability Shadow Tag over Mean look. As such the two main users of Perish Trapping is Mega Gengar and Gothitelle. If you do want to use Absol as a Perish Trapper it's not the best, but it (along with Jynx, Gengar, Honchkrow and Mismagius) have access to both trapping moves and Perish Song, but as I said, they are far from ideal choices or even that good as Perish Trappers.


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Don't forget Murkrow's Prankster Perish Song >:)
I did forget that, I suppose it could be sorta viable due to Prankster and okish defense with Eviolite.
Thanx :D You have the brains that i want lol
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I would be thinking of a
mean look -> perish song and when the count reaches 0, use protect which MIGHT have you survive the perish song?

That, or you could go into doubles, like Flafpert said and use mean look --> perish song then have the Pokemon switch out to another Pokemon which has a move to prevent escaping and have your absol switch out, meaning both of your Pokemon are safe.

Im honestly not sure though...

Protect doesn't protect from perish song. Please don't answer a question unless you're sure it's correct.